Mean Mommy (Part II)

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She dropped the phone back onto its cradle, looked at the teenagers lying on the bed, and unbuttoned her blouse.

"Mom? What are you…?" Timmy gasped, as her braless tits came into view. Her long nipples stood out from dark brown areola and capped conical titties.

"Shut up, Timmy. Isn’t this what you wanted to see? Tits? Nipples? A woman doing this?"

She took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger, twisting and stretching them cruelly, making her long nips even longer. Both cocks already showed renewed vigor. She thrust her tits out and reached behind her to unzip her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Then she reached up and pulled the wooden pin from her long hair, letting it fall out of the tight, school-teacher’s bun and down her back.

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Susan, clad only in dark stockings, red garter, and bikini panties, slid onto the bed between the two boys and leaned back against the headboard. "That’s it. That’s
right, suck those titties", she urged, stroking their heads, as they nursed like two little piggies. "Bite my titties".

"Oh god yes!" she groaned, her body shaking, as each boy sank his teeth into a rubbery nipple.

"Soooo good! That’s it! Bite ‘em hard! Fucking harder, you little wimps! Susan looked down, watching, first, one boy then the other sinking his teeth into her rubbery nipples.

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"Get between my legs, Bobby", the horny woman ordered, tearing the smaller boy from her distended nipple.

"NOW, dammit! That’s right. Get on your knees down there".
The impatient woman unfastened her garter from her stockings.

"Get my fucking panties off", she said, rolling her slender hips up to let him work her sodden panties off of her rounded ass.

"Now…look at my cunt, boy". She snatched her sodden panties from Bobby and fingered the cotton crotch.

"Ahhh fuck. They’re soaked".

"Sniff ‘em, Bobby", she said, as she wiped his nose with the cotton crotch.

"Yeah, that’s right, you nasty fucker. Now, suck on ‘em. Eat my cunt from my pretty panties".

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"Oh shit", she laughed.

"Don’t you look just so fucking darling with those red panties hanging from your slut mouth".

She snatched her panties out of his mouth and tossed them to the floor. Her long fingers caught Bobby’s neck and jerked him downwards.

"Now eat me".

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"Yeah!" the horny woman groaned, plastering her steamy cunt onto the teenager’s mouth.

"Kiss me, Timmy". Moaning into Timmy’s mouth, she fucked her pussy wildly on Bobby’s face. Her tongue snaked out, forcing its way into Timmy’s hot mouth.

"Oh godddd yesssss!" she grimaced, her body shaking, as she raped his mouth. "I’m going to cum! Eat me, Boy. Eat that hairy cunt till I cum off all over your face!

"A-h-h-h-h!" she grunted, juice pouring from her steaming cooze. "That’s it! Right there! Suck that clit, Bobby Boy!

Get me off!" The woman held his head still, his lips around her distended clit, her hips quaking, as her overheated cunt climaxed. Girl-cum ran down the boy’s chin to soak the bedspread. Finally, she relinquished her vise-like grip on his head and fell back onto the bed, laughing.

"Oh goddamn!" she groaned. "Oh shit. Oh fuck, I needed that! Soooo damned good!" The boys lay down on either side of her, their stiff cocks pointing toward the ceiling. Satiated, but far from finished, Susan slid down on the bed, making room between her head and the head board.

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"Come here", she motioned to Bobby. Pointing in the direction of her feet, she directed his movements.

"Turn that way. Straddle my face. Let me see that cute, little ass". Susan pushed his knees farther apart, opening his ass wider. She stared at his crinkled hole, as her nails dug into his meaty buttcheeks and pulled him down. Bobby jumped, as her pointed tongue speared his sensitive hole.

"Be still", she said. "Let me tongue that asshole". She rolled her eyes till she spotted her son above her, staring at her, his hand pulling on his stiff cock.

"Watch me, Son. Watch what I do to his ass".

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"Noooo", Bobby whimpered and tried to move, but Susan quickly pinned him, pressing his cheek into her sweaty tummy and holding his ass in place.

"Oh yesssss, Bobby", she said.

"You liked Timmy sucking your dick. Now it’s time to pay for that head job…with that virgin asshole. Now, suck his ass, Timmy". Susan watched her son learning quickly, as his tongue slurped wetly in and out of his friend’s hole then felt for his dick. It was hard, slick and ready.

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"Now, son, get up here". Bobby wriggled again, and Susan tightened her grip on his head and torso. With both boys straddling her face, she had an excellent view, as Timmy’s cock neared it’s puckered destination then pressed against it.

"That’s it, Timmy. Do it. Fuck him".

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"Oh shit!" the thinner of the boys cried out, his dick withering, as the blunt head of Timmy’s cock pressed into his shitter.

"Mrs. Blake, it hurts!"

"Shut up, Bobby! Just shut the fuck up and take it!" she growled.

"Relax. Relax that tight ass, and it won’t hurt so bad. Now, fuck him, Son".

"Oh gawd, Mom!" Timmy gasped, as his knob popped past Bobby’s tight sphincter.

"It’s so hot and tight in there!"

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"Don’t stop now, Timmy! Don’t stop until he’s got all that lovely dick up his ass!" Susan, impatient, clapped one hand on Timmy’s ass and pushed. Timmy’s cock slid into Bobby’s buttery ass to the hilt.

"Owwwwww!" the violated boy screamed, hot tears streaming down his cheeks and Susan’s tummy.

"Shut the fuck up, Bobby! Now hold still, Son. Let him get used to it". Long moments passed before Bobby moved on Susan’s chest.

"Better now, Bobby?" Susan asked, caressing the boy.

"Doesn’t hurt so bad now, does it. Just like I told you. Now, Timmy. Fuck him, but do it easy".

"Oh gawd", Bobby groaned with each long, slow stroke of  Timmy’s hard dick. Then he was shoving his ass back into his friend, his boy’s cock swelling rapidly.

"It’s ok now. Give it to me! Fuck me harder, Timmy! Do it! I can take it! It’s starting to feel good in there!"

"Soo fucking hot in there, Mom!" Timmy said.

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Susan slid down farther, and with her eyes glued to her son’s first buttfuck, popped Bobby’s cock into her hungry mouth.

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"Oh shit!" Bobby hissed, as his knob hit the back of her throat.

"Mrs. B, that feels so good. Susan sucked on the foreskin then peeled it back and swiped her tongue around the head before letting the
teenager begin fucking her mouth in time to her son’s pummeling his stretched asshole.

"Ahhh gawdddd!" Bobby groaned.

"I’m going to…". Sucking Bobby’s cock, Susan stared upward at her son’s balls and into his asscrack. The horny mother quickly wet her index finger in her slimy cunt and found Timmy’s bumhole.

"Arrrrgghhh!" the husky boy cried out, as his mother buried her finger in his shitter. The first blast of cum erupted from Bobby’s cock, filling her hungry mouth, as she watched Timmy’s balls crawl upward toward the
base of his meat. She swallowed and wriggled her finger in his ass. Then Timmy was clutching his friend tightly, holding him, filling his ass with boy cum, as Bobby fired jet after jet of hot juice into Susan’s sucking mouth.

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Timmy groaned and fell forward onto his friend’s back, spent, exhausted. Bobby collapsed onto Susan’s chest "Fuck!" she gasped from the weight of both panting boys.

"Get off of me, you two!" She pushed the sweaty bodies up and off of her then stood and gathered her clothes.

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"Now", she said, trying her best not to laugh while mockingly threatening them.

"Both of you remember this the next time that I catch you jacking off".

She laughed and wiggled her ass one last time on the way out of the room.


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